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armani dumpster boston newberry

Above: Newberry Street in Boston, Armani Exchange closed down, dumpster filled with goodies (wooden hangers, manikins, tables, chairs, shelves, etc) a few minutes later, ladies in high heels and gentlemen in suits dumpster diving. I have close up pictures of the ladies in heels, but I decided not to post those 😉 ( I grabbed some chairs and hangers)

Coca-Cola Happiness factory: animated commercial…very nice!
Huge LED Ceiling In Beijing: nice picture here, videos here.
Morph Thing: Morph famous faces together, or yours!
Great Bus Ads!
An interview with Ferran Adrià on his favorite places to dine in Barcelona with links! (I want to travel now)
Bill Clinton On David Letterman.
Removing a Cork inside a bottle: I’m not sure why you would need this, but would be a good IQ test.
Printing out all Spam installation
Turning Cheap Steaks into Gucci Prime Steaks!

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