TED2007: Icons, Geniuses, Mavericks.

ted conference 2007

I’m off to my 5th inspirational brain safari known as the TED Conference (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) over in Monterey, CA this week. This years speakers list is pretty damn amazing but as usual the conversations with attendees into the late nights will be the most memorable.
If you have not had a chance to dive into the world of TED you can catch a glimpse through TEDtalks (my selected picks here) or by exploring their site. I’ll post the captivating daily speaker schedule after the jump though the interactive one on their site is a bit more useful.

TED conference 2007 day1

TED conference 2007 day2

TED conference 2007 day3

TED conference 2007 day4

2 Responses to “TED2007: Icons, Geniuses, Mavericks.”

  1. pedraum Says:

    Looking forward to seeing you Tango..


  2. tango! Says:

    pedraum…hey, it was greeat catching up with you brifly at the hanger party……my brains at full capacity and is pretty much leaking inspirational thoughts out of my ears…..I’ll post about the conference briefly, but otherwise, I’ll see you at GEL in a month or so.

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