TED Talks: Ross Lovegrove

If you want to hear from a passionate designer, listen to Ross Lovegrove speak at TED2005! He’s known for incredibly beautiful forms, but in this lecture he also talks about his inspirations, directions, responses, and reasons. I love where he mentions the overtime worker not getting paid, because yes, design is one of those disciplines you desire and just do. I’ll post a few more lectures from TED that captivated my attention after the jump. Catch all the TedTalks as they are released here!

Eva Vertes on Cancer

Dan Gilbert on Happiness

David Deusch on the Fabric of Reality!

Rick Warren on Life.

Dan Dennett on religion.

Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity in Education!!! A MUST Watch!!

Al Gore on his current life and the Climate Crisis.

Hans Rosling on the World and demographical information!

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  1. Eric Franklin Says:

    I haven’t watched many of these videos but I thought the one by Dan Gilbert was quite powerful. His discussion of happiness really slaughters some of the conventional wisdom regarding what makes us happy and satisfied. Highly recommended.

  2. designverb Says:

    […] I’m off to my 5th inspirational brain safari known as the TED Conference (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) over in Monterey, CA this week. This years speakers list is pretty damn amazing but as usual the conversations with attendees into the late nights will be the most memorable. If you have not had a chance to dive into the world of TED you can catch a glimpse through TEDtalks (my selected picks here) or by exploring their site. I’ll post the captivating daily speaker schedule after the jump though the intereactive one on their site is a bit more useful. […]

  3. designverb - Larry Lessig: How creativity is being strangled by the law Says:

    […] Afterwards, watch some of my favorites from TED2006 here. […]

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