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wired science tv series

If you love WIRED (I do) and got all geeky at WIREDs NextFest (I did) then you’ll crave their new TV series “WIRED Science” which aired yesterday on PBS. If ya missed it, watch it online (commercial-free) right here!(56 mins) I’d highly recommend checking out this pilot episode plus an extended interview with Elon Musk here.(I’ve had lunch with him at TED 😉 ) Afterwards, dig into their webpage for more information to get inspired. Hopefully this trial period lands them a seasons spot next year!(fingers crossed)

Here were the topics for the pilot:
Full Show
Meteorite Hunters (woa)
Finding Neemo (mysterious)
Exploded View: PlasmaTV
Stem Cells (inspirational)
Rocketeers (fun)
Elon Musk (smart dude)(extended video)
Extremophiles(very cool)

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