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  1. I bought a butt load of these from Costco and have been phasing out my regular bulbs as they burn out (which is happening at a faster rate than I thought). The only thing that took some getting used to was that the bulbs (like other fluorescent lights) take a few seconds before they hit their peak luminance when initially turned on – it’s a minor thing that doesn’t take away from their benefits.

  2. for sure…they do take that inital ignition, but when your saving $$$ you smile…I still use 1 regular bulb for my drafting desk lamp which combines the two colors(blue, orange) to give off a natural sun color…reminds me…did you know cake designers or creators tinti weddings cakes based on the location of your cake? If its suppose to be outside, they tint the white slightly orange to compensate for the blue sky…if in doors, they tint it blue to compensate for the orange warm lights…..in all, makes them look white…

  3. I was not aware of the techniques that cake designers utilize to make a cake look white depending on the environment, that’s interesting! I wonder if this is something they figured out on their own, or through the photography industry which always has to compensate for the difficulty in taking pictures of food?

  4. yeah, the mysteries of color which is a whole new topic…i use to study color theory way back when…very interesting…much like the mcdonalds yellow, which draws your attention to them, but makes you uncomfy fast, hence making more space for new customers to sit down….there’s a reason their seats were never too comfy.

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  6. When I read this Wired article a few months ago and started talking to people who used these bulbs who said the quality of light was just as good as incandescents, I suggested that my company switch to compact fluorescents, because I figured if people used them at work they’d see how good they are. My company did the math and decided they’d save money and agreed to switch out all the incandescent bulbs in all the desk lamps. The funny thing is, nobody noticed the difference! It’s great when a cost-saving switch is also an environment-saving one. Thanks for posting this article.

  7. Travelina…extra points to ya!!! congrats on getting yoru entire office to make the change…ask them to use the extra savings to buy more bulbs to give out to employees like a candy jar, just bulbs!! 😉 spread the love ya know!

  8. travelina..
    Let me know if ya get a bulb candy jar to happen…take a picture, and send it my way to post here!!
    Do you blog for national Geographic? if so…how freakin COOOOoool…I’m jeaolous now..

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  10. I am one of those independent lighting reps that Wal-mart loves to put out of business by offering seemingly “same” or “as good as” products at cheeper prices. They become the big bully forcing their consumers to purchase whatever is on their store shelves without regard to where the bulbs will be used. Hence, there will be a few million disgruntled buyers who don’t blame Wal-mart for their mistakes buying the incorrect bulb for the job they need to be fixed.  Wal-mart would serve their consumers by adding a person at the bulb display that could suggest the proper bulb to match the application.  It’s only the cheap CFLs that do not light up immediately; like the GE’s that Wal-mart is promoting; however, you don’t know that until you actually get inside the packaging of the GE product.

  11. Glad to see Wal-mart getting onto the light bulb wagon. You ought to petition the government to do what the government here in Australia is doing – phasing out incandescent light globes over the next 3 years. That should make a huge difference to our greenhouse emissions!

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