NextFest 2006


Nextfest nyc ended this weekend with tons of attendees, free Wired subscriptions, and my very tired feet. My partial 2 days of browsing Wired Magazine physically was great, but also a reminder of what crowded conferences feel like.

Pictured above is my friend Vincent Leclerc’s project “Revolver” which is a very simple solution in creating a cost effective 3D display. For more on this project go to EskiStudios. If you ever meet him, try to get a video of his first mock-up, cause it rocks!
Tons of pics after the jump!

ahhhh, the ever so cool Javitts center!
Being welcomed with a mist of projections! Fogscreen.
james clar 3d leds
James Clars rockin 3D led displays.
laptop orchestra
The very zen like Laptop Orchestra, though, it was too loud in the hall to really hear it and little kids kept banging on all the buttons.
daniel rozin mirror
One of Daniel Rozins many many pixel art mirrors which are incredibly cool to interact with, though I personally like the wooden mirrors one the most.
Whoohooo…Kyaking without getting wet!….isn’t that the point? Virtual Canoe…i like kayaks more.
Dandelion! Blow the petals off..yahh..but theres no sound? I dunno, they have cool videso on their site though..check them out here!

SoundFlakes.. I’m actually not sure what this was, but tons of small kids were pushing me around to get to it.

kids projector
Good ole interactive shadow projectors…kids really dig these…and well, over time, I have too.
projector dude
Sitting still, reading, looking like god.
triptic shadow
Some crazy trippy shadow music projections…kids were all over this’s like the disco years again!

flower projections

Whoohoo, flowers growing on me!
kronos projector
Kronos projector!  Basically, its a tangible, or mesh screen that when pressed, projects back into time, allowing users to manipulate and compare exact moments in time tangibly!
cute garage robots.. not sure what they did…they just sat on a huge table.

Are ya craving to dive a few hundreds feet under water…well, here’s your suit! Nuytco Research
eistein door
I’m not sure why they put Eisnsteins head on there, but it was funny to look at.

japanese droid

Japaneses Robot Kokono. Was actually very real looking, just not moving. I really wanted to go up there and push it over, but it just didnt seem right.
ballet dancers
The famous robotic ballroom dancers!
robo. hand

A robotic Dextrous hand. all strong as a 5 year old.
The Automati Door! Basically, you walk up to the door, wait for a few seconds, and it scans your shape, then creates an opening just on it… I’m not exactly sure of the reason, or application, but it was fun to watch people walk into bars when they didn’t open. That dudes about to break his knee or trip!

I’m not sure what this is, but are we really sending things like this up there? No wonder we never find anyone…I’d run away if I saw this thing coming towards me.
robo dj
This was pretty cool. At first I though it was just a LP changer, but the 2 robots actually scratch! It’s kinda strange but also cool. The machines are from the same makers of the Robocoaster!
robotic bartender
A robotic bar tender….I guess all bars will be vending machines soon…well, with faces to greet us from some dude on a webcam.

doom. ball

This was pretty cool. A ball that you ran around in while playing VR games or Doom, hence having unlimited space to run around in..yup, it’s a hamster wheel for humans, but mad fun! Virtual Sphere.
blossom light
Flower Lamp. Basically, it bloomed when you were were good with saving electricy as a treat…but when you left everything on, it would close back up.
Energy Curtain: Collected solar energy during the day and emitte light at night just to remind you energy is everywhere. They also had a pretty cool power cord showing what things were plugged in.
hug shirts

The Hug shirt! Yup! Now you can hug someone from miles away…well, just make their shirts vibrate…i’m not sure when the last time I hugged someone I vibrated..maybe when our phones were ringing.
straw inerface

Straw Like user interface….yup, you suck, and sounds play based on what you are sucking.
touch pong
Touch Pong…you move, you pong..!
physical pong

Physical pong…you grab, you run, you spin, you pong!

SpaceShipOne! Yup, thats how you make it to space..though it’ll cost you 200k plus a long waiting list starting in 2009. I’ll admit it does seem comfy though. I dont see a cup holdeer..hmmm.
space ship one

kung fu game
Kick-ass Kung Fu!  Yup, it’s the real non-real fighting game where the only way you can really get hurt, is if you kick and punch yourself! This was a crowd favorite..though I think people just enjoyed watching people making fools out of themselves when they fell.

I finally had the chance to play with the new blackberry pearl, and it rocks!!!!! the lil rollin ball(pearl) in the center is soooo coool.. I want every button to be one…but I’ve heard because of the cool button, if your the tight jean wearing type, it doesnt ring if the buttons pressed in..i’m sure they’ll fix this soon.
gel cabbage

Good ole Gel Soil…keep the cabbage a going in this conference hall! Sustainable housing!!!

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    […] If you love WIRED (I do) and got all geeky at WIREDs NextFest (I did) then you’ll crave their new TV series “WIRED Science” which aired yesterday on PBS. If ya missed it, watch it online (commercial-free) right here!(56 mins) I’d highly recommend checking out this pilot episode plus an extended interview with Elon Musk here.(I’ve had lunch with him at TED ) Afterwards, dig into their webpage for more information to get inspired. Hopefully this trial period lands them a seasons spot next year!(fingers crossed) […]

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    […] Very cool: Grading students based on their online ranking. If your projects rock, your traffic will skyrocket as does your grade. If it sucks, no one will link to you, and your grade will fail miserably! Ah, the gaming VR ball. Hop inside, put on your VR helmet, and run like never before… yup, you’ll actually get tired running around in a virtual game. I saw this at NextFest last year. (much cooler picture about 3/4 down) […]

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