Siggraph: day 1.5

heat to cool sensitive interface

Some more pictures and notes on another brief visit to the Siggraph galleries. More after the jump.

Pictured above, is an art piece with temperature controlled plates that changed temperatures based on what was projected. (Snow=cold, fire=hot)
multi-touch screen

Jeff Han giving a demo of his now 16 foot Multi-touch screen with new apps. Whoohoo!
fabcell, heat changing fabric

Fabcell: Fabric yarns that changed colors based on heat/or an electrical charge.
haptic heart surgery

Haptic heart surgery. This dude really ripped it up.

tangible audio interface

Another audio mixer visualizer much like the audio-pad.

dancing audio ballet
AUDIO BALLERINAS : These ballet dancers had speakers, and sensors all over them. They danced about the space and wired noisy sounds would project out of their speakers. Interesting, but the noise was somewhat annoying.They also wore these weird sunglasses, making them, well, android like. Their dance was very robotica.
druming through touch

A pretty cool drumming project. You give a bunch of people rings to wear, which are wired to a box. To complete a circuit, the Drummer, touchs that person anywhere on the skin. Each person becomes a different drum sound, hence, you drummed by wacking people.(guy on the left was getting wacked in the forehead)


Deskorama: basically a tangible cross section visualizing tool for architects. Pretty cool, though I’m a sucker for the good ole physical models. Fun to play with but limited to horizontal movement.

interactive screen

Interactive screen: made a composite of your image with images from cable tv.
tech fashion show

A pic from the late night tech fashion show “unraveled”


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  1. Dougie FRESH Says:

    DAMN jealous! looks awesome biggie T,


  2. _VamPy_ Says:

    i wish we have something like this here…
    awesome fun

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