Siggraph: Day 2

EON touchlight

Day 2 at Siggraph2006 was another round of animations, techy art, some weird music, and a return to the emerging arts gallery. The exhibits hall also opened up, but, it was just a mini version of CES.

Pictured above is EON Realities Touchlight system, which was very much like Jef Hans Multi-Touch screen, but different technologies and some applications. The cool portion was the ability to transfer any image onto the screen simply by pressing the image up against the screen for about 8 seconds. Zooming in, rotating, moving, and other actions were pretty intuitive, though glitchy. The resolution was not the greatest, but the system had a magical air like feeling.
More projects and pics after the jump.

motion capture fun

Motion capture dancers…fun fun yahhh! Theses girls were having wayyyy to much fun!

Softimage giving a demo of their 3D program. (I hear softimage rocks!)
forehead retina system

This was awesome! (Forehead Retina System) Basically, they stuck a matrix of haptical electrical dots on your head. Glasses with a camera are put on then. The camera graphed out what you were looking at based on contrast, black and white levels. Once this started, you felt soft pin like vibrations on your forehead, which depicted what was in front of you. White=a pulse charge, black= no charge. By surprise, my forehead really told me a bunch about what was in front of me. Horizontal lines, vertical, how many, their movement, their width, etc. I’m not sure how confused I would be in a room that was not high in contrast, but this is a pretty cool start, though kinda weird on the forehead.

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