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I just finished watching an amazing documentary on the travel channel called “Decoding Ferran Adria” which had me drooling over the visually magical and breathtaking experimental dishes served at the world famous restaurant elBulli and chef/owner Ferran Adria. The mind-blowing combinations in ingredients and creative presentations are truly original and an experience like no other. To make reservations for this restaurant is said to be over a year long. elBulli is only open for 6 months out of the year as it takes the other 6 months to travel, experiment, and come up with new concepts each year in their ultra modern controversial innovation foodlab. Not only do the dishes taste sensational, but the process in creating and manipulating the ingredients to their extreme is astonishing! One fact that I loved was that Adrias lab team consist of a Chemist, Industrial Designer(wohooo!), and several other chefs.

For some pictures of their beautiful dishes check out this flicker set, this one, or this website review. The pictures only give you a glimpse of the real magic that was captured in the video which flooded your mind with simple informational elements that just mystified and surprised you. I couldn’t track many videos online, but there were a few short ones here and here. If anything, I’d say go find that episode, buy it, watch it, drool, and perhaps buy his visually stunning book filled with several images and recipes. Otherwise, if you find yourself in Cala Montjoi Spain, outside the city Roses, about 2 hours north of Barcelona, go there, eat, and make people like me jealous!

More drooling  pictures from a recent visit via chocolateandzucchini

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  1. designverb Says:

    […] The event also contained a bookstore full of amazing recipes, pictures, and the famous el bulli book by Ferran Adria. I was a bit distracted by the architecture of the space here…bricks…yar! […]

  2. Oriental Silk Says:

    Now, I am hungry…*goes downstairs to make himself a seemingly pathetic cheese-and-ham sandwich*

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