19 comments on “Burj Al Arab: Tennis Court in the Sky!

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  3. wowwwww so beautiful, i have never seen a beautiful place like this be4 in my life, soooooooooo ssssooooo beautiful, mashallah. inshallah oneday i will play there azwell but not tennis ( cricket) for my country afghanistan. i kindly request the owner or manager of this hotel to make this tennis court to a cricket ground or make a cricket ground on the other side of it and a bit more high azwell. thanks, respect,

  4. kooooooooooooolllll dude itz so high i cud beat federa and ten the loser gets pushed off so cya later federa -1-

  5. Mashaallah, Mashaallah! Burj al arab is one of the finest hotels of the world. I really wud like 2 visit it if i’ll get any opportunity of coming over here . The place i like most of this hotel is The flying resturant. And ofcourse The tennis court is admirable too. I wud like 2 play tennis here wid Maria sharapova & Roger fedrer.

  6. Oh my god, I’d love to stay at that hotel. It does look like the safety net is pretty small around the outside of the tennis court though. I’m not that keen on heights so I probably wouldn’t want to play!


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  8. I’m sorry to dissapoint you but this court does not actually exist anymore. In 2005, the helipad of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai was converted into a tennis court for a promotion featuring Agassi and Federer. So I don’t think that in any way this could still be available to the public as a tennis court.

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