Picture: “Sometimes the Box is better!”
In the picture above, the box is better because the kid jumps into a toy, rather than playing with a toy. Big cardboard boxes somehow invite humans to draw, rip, manipulate, and imagine. Brown boxes don’t seem to have rules. We can make them what we want. As kids, we imagined and created more. As grown ups, we adapt to what things are for. In the world of creativity, remember that “perspective” is key to creativity. Just because something is made to do “this” does not mean it can’t do “that”.

– Tech: SpaceX Falcon 1 makes it to orbit! Amazing. Congrats! Videos here. (Falcon 1 is the first privately developed liquid fuel rocket to orbit the Earth)

– Politics: Obama helps total stranger pay for airport luggage back in 1988. Awesome! Obama rocks!

– Odd: Japaneses florescent bulb wrestling. I don’t get it?

– Fun: Heelys makes grownup size’s now. I saw a few adults sporting these in the past few weeks. At first I was like, these are for kids, but then realized, these can be mad fun, though they still look kinda ugly. Grab a pair, and make your boring co-workers where them Here’s a video, or some videos on the heely site.

– Sleep: The art in sleeping. When your tired, you somehow find a way to sleep no mater whee you are!

– Videos: “How and engineer folds a shirt” vs someone in “Japan folds a shirt“. Personally, I like Japan style. And yes, there are those that have the bunch it up and pack style.

– New Dillar Scofidio + Renfro website is up!
Ninja Cat video!
Punching Cat vs Printer video.
Kenny George, a 7’9″ college Basketball player! (video)The dude dunks standing!
– A peek into the Youtube Headquarters.
SugarKane asymmetrical glasses.
Magic Mirror technology … making any shirt a customized ad…scary!
Remote Control your houses energy with Ploggs.

jetblue terminal
Thought of the week: Keep trying and believe.

A peek into Jetblues new restaurant terminals!
Made in USA shirt in Chinese.
Flower Foaming Fire Extinguisher.
Wifi Heatmap..kinda nerdy, but kind of works.
How to get into any club by pretending to be a DJ.
A very bad paramedic!
Free the airwaves!(internet for all!)
Windows Error page projected during Olympics opening Ceremonies!

weekend links
I’m off to SF later this week again. Hopefully the weathers less foggy. I checked out the Seward street slides, Twin Peaks, and 826 Valencia last time. Any other places to scoop out or must try food spots??

NY Times Interactive Evolution of the Olympic Torch
Telephone Piano Music video
Total Solar Eclipse from an airplane video
What happens when you tease a baby with food!
Nissan Cube (spring 2009) giving away free shirts!
Mini Coop to go Electric!?!
Women rocks it out in a library! (hilarious!)
Person documents 7 hours on tarmac delay!!!. Delta Bad Experience!

balloon graffiti
It’s been one crazy month of work, so apologizes for the lack in posting, but there has not been too much to post about either. I had an amazing weekend in sunny San Francisco last week and am now back in the east coast, which has been rainy all week, but this weekend seems to be nice. Anyways, as an activity for the weekend: Send someone special a hand written letter by mail! =)

Giant cow!
Waterproofing Electronics: inside and out through a vacuum bag.
Make your own Multi-Touch table for cheap!
– I lost my phone the other week. Freaked out because Facebook made me click through a bunch of pages to get everyone’s numbers. Then I discovered the “Phonebook” with everyone’s face, name and number on one page here.
Fun Balloon/Tape Graffiti!
Tom Friedman Books “The World is Flat” AudioBook download FREE until Aug 4th!

Dreaming of Flying

Here are some semi super hero links…. I saw Iron Man finally which was awesome. Later on Indiana Jones, Incredible Hulk, Batman, Hancock, Kung Fu Panda, Get Smart, Love Guru, Hellboy II, and filming for Transformers 2 just started! What a Super Hero summer this is going to be!

– Japaneses Talking watch!($20)
– Finger Blasters or Finger Missiles! (Makes anyone a kid again)
– Explore the Universe through World Telescope!
Skin Footwear!
Crazy Fun Slip n Slide!(video)
– A poorly designed Batman squirt gun… haha

wii guitar hero shirt
– an awesome Wii Guitar Hero shirt above.
DIY sawed off USB stick..seriously nerdy awesome!
– A great intellectual interview(mp3) to Bruce Schneier on Security and Beyond Fear.
Paparazzi for the rest of us: the service in getting photographed secretly!
– Visualization of our current space debris!
Hilarious iphone review! (video).

braile graffitti

It’s been an awfully busy month with projects, some ping-pong action, lots of lectures, and a few great conferences coming up (GEL, Art Center). Sorry for the lack in posting, but please keep sending in goods.

Thought of the week: You never know what your good at unless you try doing it.
What the world eats by culture.
Is Wholefoods becoming the Hybrid SUV, and victims in their own success?
Very eerie…virtual face follows your cursor.
A hilarious Blog on photoshop disasters!
Pop-up alphabet book!
Solar Film reaches 19.9% efficiency/transfer! Awesome!
www.ffffound.com , a visual dig of creative images.
Ping Pong flopping skill madness!
A pretty nifty label made to remember what wine you liked!

Thought of the week: Does liability hinder innovation or is it worth the gamble?

– Very cool inspirational video about MASS INNOVATION!
Sony Rolly…dancing spinning mp3 player.
Cool Frisbee trick, if ya have a round wall to play with!
– First comes solid state hard drives, now solid state fans! sweeeeet!
16 extreme beds!
Extreme stairs…(includes on of my projects from 2002)
Google’s freaking amazing Zürich office. (Be prepared to be jealous!)

light grafitt art ufo

Above image via. It’s a painting, but would be a cool graffiti placement.

-funny fake movie trailer for Minesweeper.
The desks of creative people. Reminds me of my post!
Can you tell the original pic from photoshopped! Amy Dresser is a master at this!
Oobject.com, a nice set of collections!
The FAIL Blog …pretty funny! (thanks gordon) Reminds me of ICanHasCheezburgar.com

Evolution Weekend Links

I learned this week that 1 lump of coal equals 1 meg of data sent over the internet. Having this in mind, I sure do burn lots of lumps of energy on the net.

Evolution image above here.
Odd: Son’s tooth help saves dad’s sight.
Fun: Mouse Trap Bed.haha.
Tech: Flickr enables Geo Tagging. Pretty simple to use!
Design: Creating a creative culture.
Style: Ceramic paper like cup.
Neat: Brightness Illusions.
Art: Self-Portrait Competition.
Experience: Villa Eugénie Runway designs!