Creative Workspaces has a great post “desktop-desktop” documenting an ongoing series of desktops both physical and digital of creatives around the world. The collection includes French Designer Jean Sebastian from the playful design team Atypyk, guru graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, and several others. After scanning through this series I felt inclined to snap a shot of my current studio space pictured above, though it changes constantly.(after the jump: close-up of my toys and desktop screen)

Otherwise, I’ve always questioned the impact of creative workspaces; minimal, cluttered, comfy, colorful, industrial, modern, goofy, cubicles, etc. I have my own preferences, but for a diverse visual list check out “10 seeeeeriously cool workplaces” from the Chief of Happiness. Also take a look at Guy Kawasakis recent trip photos to and their kick-butt space! If you have a nifty workspace ya’ll want to share, take a picture, send it my way, and if I get enough, I’ll post them here.

Background image is from Aaron Koblins Flight patterns project.

5 Responses to “Creative Workspaces”

  1. jate Says:

    i like your’s look cool 🙂

  2. tango! Says:

    thanks jate!

  3. Rodrigo Francisco Says:

    nike workplace…
    it screams “ designer ”…
    and i see you like puma shoes hehe

  4. tango! Says:

    hehe,, i’ve got friends that work at puma and i’m sample size 🙂 as for nike…i wish…though i have many friends that work there as well!!! buh yeah..send me your workplace pics if ya can!

  5. meg Says:

    our studio is the place where dreams become reality..
    but I like who goes out and makes a little space in a park his own personal office…

    great life…

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