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Evolution Weekend Links

I learned this week that 1 lump of coal equals 1 meg of data sent over the internet. Having this in mind, I sure do burn lots of lumps of energy on the net.

Evolution image above here.
Odd: Son’s tooth help saves dad’s sight.
Fun: Mouse Trap Bed.haha.
Tech: Flickr enables Geo Tagging. Pretty simple to use!
Design: Creating a creative culture.
Style: Ceramic paper like cup.
Neat: Brightness Illusions.
Art: Self-Portrait Competition.
Experience: Villa Eugénie Runway designs!

2 Responses to “Weekend Links”

  1. A.K. Says:

    Dude, geotagging was implemented two years ago… 🙂

  2. tango! Says:

    ah, my bad, i just found out, but knew before, but didnt post it them i guess…but i think they enabled a few extras thigns since then

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