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Picture: “Sometimes the Box is better!”
In the picture above, the box is better because the kid jumps into a toy, rather than playing with a toy. Big cardboard boxes somehow invite humans to draw, rip, manipulate, and imagine. Brown boxes don’t seem to have rules. We can make them what we want. As kids, we imagined and created more. As grown ups, we adapt to what things are for. In the world of creativity, remember that “perspective” is key to creativity. Just because something is made to do “this” does not mean it can’t do “that”.

– Tech: SpaceX Falcon 1 makes it to orbit! Amazing. Congrats! Videos here. (Falcon 1 is the first privately developed liquid fuel rocket to orbit the Earth)

– Politics: Obama helps total stranger pay for airport luggage back in 1988. Awesome! Obama rocks!

– Odd: Japaneses florescent bulb wrestling. I don’t get it?

– Fun: Heelys makes grownup size’s now. I saw a few adults sporting these in the past few weeks. At first I was like, these are for kids, but then realized, these can be mad fun, though they still look kinda ugly. Grab a pair, and make your boring co-workers where them Here’s a video, or some videos on the heely site.

– Sleep: The art in sleeping. When your tired, you somehow find a way to sleep no mater whee you are!

– Videos: “How and engineer folds a shirt” vs someone in “Japan folds a shirt“. Personally, I like Japan style. And yes, there are those that have the bunch it up and pack style.

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  1. eddric Says:

    hm. the “Japan Style” is actually how I fold it. or at least a very close variation of it. Maybe they are just doing it sideways. But it folds clothes really quickly and non-wrinkly

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