Can You Guess Where My Accent is From” game!

Think you know where people are from based on their accents! If so, give this 5 minute game a go and yell at yourself when you guess wrong, especially when asked the regional questions. Do the test just once since the questions are the same if you repeat. My first try was in the upper 20’s.

After that, go test your color IQ (or find out how color blind ya are), then do a few cultural tests at (art, architecture, food, faces, etc). Then for a bonus, see if you can spot a Fake smile test!

3 Responses to “Can You Guess Where My Accent is From” game!”

  1. audrey Says:

    I scored 39 points

  2. eddric Says:

    first try i got 21. haha… Seriously terrible at this kind of thing

  3. Microtransaction Says:

    After spending a year in the UK and having them tell me that my faux british accent sounded more australian than anything else, I’ve got some proper training on what’s what and who’s who.

    Cool concept considering they’re actively crowd sourcing the material.

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