Test Your Color IQ

I learned long ago in a science museum that women can see more colors than men naturally, and some women can see more colors than anyone else . Anyhow, I stumbled into this “Test your color IQ” test by Xrite and think I did pretty good considering I did it in 5 minutes using an lcd laptop screen from 2002. Give it a go and let me know your score. I got 32 messing up in the middle cool colors a bit.(lower is better)

26 Responses to “Test Your Color IQ”

  1. D Says:

    I got a 4!! Cool test, thanks for posting it!

  2. tango! Says:

    o snaps, i’ll have to do the test again via a nice scren, i feel color blind after your 4 score!

  3. Sarah Says:

    that was fun šŸ™‚
    (i also got 4…)
    thanks for sharing!

  4. tango! Says:

    oooo yar, okie, now I’ need to do thise test again on a real screen, i thougth I did aight, btu now i”m color blind!

  5. Audrey Says:

    I got 16…also messing up primarily in the middle cool colors

  6. tango! Says:

    okie, not fair, all girls giving me score comparisons. at least I’m not uber blond, just blind like a guy

  7. Teste Deinen Farben IQ - BIGOD:NET Says:

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  8. tango! Says:

    okie okie…now I officailly feel blind..yar..congrats to all you peeps that can see what I cant. haha, hmmm, i’ll just take the test again and take my time… yar, I’m a blind designer….I’ll have to post more tests soon to feel better.

  9. betna c. Says:

    18? bad in the middle..

  10. betina c. Says:

    I also don’t know how to spell my name šŸ™‚

  11. rekit Says:

    0! i actually impressed myself

  12. virginia Says:

    a 3! had i not switched my mid-range aquas at the last minute, who knows!
    explains why i’m sensitive to minuscule color variations…

  13. audrey Says:

    I just tried again on my nicer screen at work….4!

  14. eddric Says:

    humph. I got a 3! get a chance to do it on another screen yet?

  15. tango! Says:

    not yet, maybe i’ll do that at work tmw late at night

  16. wercoo Says:

    I got 0 !!!

  17. Kelvin Says:

    My first trial – with my very OLD eyes…. 16! same as Audrey’s 1st trial.

  18. Cole Says:

    I got a 4. really cool test.

  19. Camilla Todd Says:

    I’m a woman, and i got 37. I’ve always been rubbish with colours, i’m forever wearing clashing clothes and having my family warn me against them, lol. This proves it’s not my fault! It’s my brain’s fault.

  20. nono Says:

    0 baybeee!!! this is why i do what i do…

  21. tango! Says:

    nono! you make me proud yet make me feel blind! You do what you do! wait, you do color? arnt you suppose o be in taiwan or something with the crew!

  22. nono Says:

    no, i got too fat to fit into their suitcases this time šŸ™ i do eeeverything from color to blueprints!

  23. AARON Says:

    I got a 0 also. But I think I had a headache for a few moments after.

  24. Lorelei Says:

    Got 4, messed up blue vs indigo? I think one has to stare at a white wall before checking each row.

  25. june Says:

    i’ve got 0 but thought i mixed some colours wrong. now i’m exhausted!

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