“The smartpen is an advanced paper-based computer, with audio and visual feedback, processing capabilities, and built-in memory storage for handwriting capture, audio recording and applications. Users can capture and sync audio recordings to their handwritten notes and replay audio segments by tapping on what they wrote. The captured notes and audio in the smartpen can then be uploaded via docking station to a PC where they can be replayed, saved, searched or sent to others.

“The Livescribe platform takes paper-based technology to a radical new level, integrating software applications with physical paper,” said Rodney Brooks, Director of MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. “I see the smartpen as just the beginning for a new class of device with almost unlimited potential.”

Reminds me of a concept I had way back in college, but hey, at least it’s real now to some extent.. very cool none the less.

Video Demo
LiveScribe webpage.($149, out late march)

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  1. Kai Says:

    One has to be really organise, or it can get really messy. because this is like taking the mess on the desk, and shoving it in to a computer. Because the ‘mess’ is untangible, and not ‘unsightly’, some might just just put off the organising and clearing up part. I have friends who have 800G external hard drives who manage to collect/store anything they have that is digital, but are unable to find anything they need out of that box.

    And i love technology, everything is faster, remembers and stores more yets requires less storage space, but when there’s a power failure or when the computer crashes, it always sends a chill down my spine.

    still i agree, a rather cool invention!

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