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19 Cities in the world with 20 Million people in the 21st Century.

Richard Saul Wurman, TED founder and now EG creator, just gave a glimpse at a pretty cool project at 192021.org.

“While some say the world is flat, supercities are rising – vast, intensely urban hubs will radically redefine the world’s future macroeconomic and cultural landscape. Most of the world’s population right now lives and works in cities. Many more will. It’s critical to gain a truer understanding of what’s happening: the rise of supercities is the defining megatrend of the 21st century.

The mission of 19.20.21 is a multi year, multimedia initiative to collect, organize, and better understand populations effects regarding urban and business planning and its impact on consumers around the world. This 5+year initiative will deliver results via 5 channels: web (including mobile), television (broadcast and cable), print (magazines, books, and atlases), exhibits and seminars (virtual and onsite). This project will included 10 worldwide partners.”

Very interesting read. Give it a glimpse, it’ll take 2 minutes. I’m pretty excited about this project. If you want to help out, send them a note!


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