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Casulo room in a box

I used to travel all over the place with everything in my car… now comes this nifty box, which carries pretty much all the essentials needed for a room in a handy 90 x 120 cm box which takes about 7 minutes to disassemble. Reminds me of the RTA(Ready To Assemble) studio at RISD…

Watch a video of the box being taken apart after the jump, or here.

Casulo website
Casulo Youtube video

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canon logo evolution
apple logo evolution

Neatorama’s got a great historical collection of tech company logos transforming, evolving, and even name changing over the years. It’s amazing to think about how some giant companies started, and how they adapted to nice design! Makes me wonder when it’s time to make a name change over a logo transformation…(there are many brands that I think suffer based on their crappy names)

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jeff deboer cat armor
jeff deboer mouse armor

Jeff Deboer creates these freaking awesome Cat and Mouse Armor suits! I’d love to see Tom&Jerry duke away in these fierce creations, but for now I think this is the closest I’ll get a cat to resemble a Thundercat (hoooo!)

Check out his Cat and Mouse gallery here, and make sure to take a glimpse at his “how to make a samurai cat” section for more pics.

Personally, I’d be running all over the place if a cat had a joust strapped on it’s back… but just maybe, I’d stick cat food on the end and let it chase itself around all day…nah, I’m not that mean 😉

via geekologie
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Watch this incredible documentary about the unexplained phenomenon and mystery of cold, the creation of thermometers, ice farming, artificial ice, the creation of the AC, finding absolute zero, and many other fascinating facts about everything cold. It’s amazing to hear how inventions are started! I can’t imagine living without cold anymore..did you know cold was considered evil before.

Watch it all on Nova’s website, or on the many(12) YouTube videos after the jump.
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col-pop col pop soda nuggets

Col-Pop: The Future of Fast-Food Technology from Adam Kuban on Vimeo.

I’m not a fast food fanatic, but the Col-Pop is one damn great idea. It’s a soda cup with a bowl lid to keep your soda and nuggets in one convenient design. You still have to use your other hand to grab the nuggets, but maybe a tilt into the mouth works. It’s “convenience design” at it’s best 😉

Watch the Video here.

Reminds me a bit of the neat Wine Tapa Plates.

via gizmodo (source SeriousEats)

plastic balloon

Odd: Sonic Boiling, boiling water through sound!
Sculpture: a whistling sculpture. very mysterious.
Neat: hermit crab in a glass shell
Design: the egg chair comes in chocolate!!!
Neat: world class packer for art. very interesting!
Art: Obey Giant makes awesome Obama Poster!
Cool: museum makes solar plastic bag float(above)
BUY: TED ticket on ebay!!(it’s legit, sponsored by TED, and proceeds go to charity. Bids are up to 34k, and auctions ends Monday)
Art: Troika cloud sculpture.
Fashion: a very bizarre fashion show in paris
Funny video: Improv Everywhere pulls off a frozen in time stunt in Grand Central!
Brand: Generation of Why-ers!(gen “Why”)