Superbowl Weekend Links!

plastic balloon

Odd: Sonic Boiling, boiling water through sound!
Sculpture: a whistling sculpture. very mysterious.
Neat: hermit crab in a glass shell
Design: the egg chair comes in chocolate!!!
Neat: world class packer for art. very interesting!
Art: Obey Giant makes awesome Obama Poster!
Cool: museum makes solar plastic bag float(above)
BUY: TED ticket on ebay!!(it’s legit, sponsored by TED, and proceeds go to charity. Bids are up to 34k, and auctions ends Monday)
Art: Troika cloud sculpture.
Fashion: a very bizarre fashion show in paris
Funny video: Improv Everywhere pulls off a frozen in time stunt in Grand Central!
Brand: Generation of Why-ers!(gen “Why”)

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