6 comments on “Magnetic Curtains

  1. Very clever. It might drive up the cost of a simple pair of curtains to an unreasonable point, though. Of course, as a bachelor, I view curtains as an optional accessory. I live on the second floor so I don’t have any.

  2. This is a brilliant idea… I wonder how hard it would be to modify an existing curtain to do something similar? Right now if I want my curtains open I have to tie them in a knot or stuff them up above the bar. A few cleverly sewn-in magnets on the edges would allow you to “clip” them together in an open position. Wouldn’t be nearly as cool as these but probably a lot cheaper.

  3. adam,
    You can buy these same magnets for somewhere around 15 cents a piece..go spend 15$ on a bunch, get some hotglue gun, and blahm, you’ll have a magnetic curtain… maybe nto as clean, but just as cool(test on amsall version before ya glue your origianl 😉 )

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