2008 Seamless Computational Couture show

party dress seamless mit fashion show

“On Wednesday, January 30, fashionistas and techies will unite at SEAMLESS: computational couture, a fashion show and celebration that fuses cutting-edge style with the latest advances in technology. At this evening event that kicks off at 8 p.m., the Museum of Science exhibit halls will be transformed into a catwalk for “computational couture,” showcasing 20 selected, emerging designer teams from around the globe and creations that push the boundaries of wearable technology. Models wearing the interactive clothing will strut to live media performances by video artists sosolimited and DJs Eddie O and Mike Uzzi of Zero G Sounds.”

Above: Party Dress by Dana and Karla Karwas (New York):“Party Dress functions as a pavilion worn exclusively by five women that seamlessly injects architecture into fashion by using the body as space. The dress begins as a shared, bustled garment that gradually unfolds to create a temporary, inhabitable structure. Each seam, each dress, and each body are interconnected by a single, amorphous surface of flowing material.”

“With room for spectators beneath the fabric, Party Dress flirts with traditional concepts of public and private space while adding sparkling wit to the conversation between fashion and architecture. Party dress works across multiple scales and environments, unraveling conventional notions of space, materiality, and temporality.”

I’ll be covering the event so look out for more posts in the next few weeks. Otherwise if your in the Boston area, get your tickets here!($15)..oh, fyi, Project Runways Steven Rosengard, will be th MC.

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