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  1. yeah, for sure, i’m starting a test set this week..maybe using masking tape instead..or the reverse…scotch tape on black material..the more layers, the brighter.

  2. That’s awesome. I saw an article on a design student that used brown tape to renew damaged furniture. If I can find the link I’ll post it.

  3. I have seen electrical tape portraits before, but this is nicer in my opinion. The gradual shading is gorgeous, and I’d love to see these in person as they are lit from behind in these photos.

  4. These are beautiful. Does the artist apply tape over plexi with the photo image directly beneath? I also wonder if he’s concerned about the short life-span of the medium. The tape will deteriorate with time under almost all circumstances.

  5. GOOD GOD that is cool….really great idea with stunningly beautiful execution. How are you shaping and the tape….. and are you shaping it before or prior to application to the surface.?

    Either way…..that it a serious eye opener man….


  6. Those would be nice even if done in a traditional medium. The packaging tape makes them all that much better. Very impressive… in skill, concept, presentation, and aesthetic.

    BTW, you may want to not trust your spellcheck too much. I think the word you wanted to use in your description of the work was “mesmerizing,” not “memorizing.”

  7. I like the titles especially. The artist watches a lot of old TV shows. Like Perry Mason and those b/w dramas. The titles totally make the pieces come alive.

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  9. this is a great idea, i wonder if it can be applied the same way on photoshop with transparent tape-shaped color layers.

    well. i should say this is inspiring.
    very coll and creative idea. god bless you

  10. Wow – and YES to the front door idea – my apartment work studio is on a city street, I would love to do this as the light could come from either side – though I must say, to do this correctly, one has to have great drawing skills, since the ‘strokes’ with tape do just that – they draw the image and shadows so well – such a nice job too! great stuff….keep sticking it to us! lol

  11. Cool! I especially love the lady in the raincoat. Something about raincoats with all those lovely folds. It is also neat because of her shadow on the wall.

  12. Well I must say this is something that’s probably much cooler in real life with real tape than if done digitally. Why? Because I noticed how freakin awesome he made the fabric! The folds and stuff he put in the tape is one of the many ways the characteristics of the medium lended to the end product.

    So creative!

  13. Great! I used the brown tape for a once to with another technique.. It is amazing to see what you create with them..Happy to discover your fantastic paintings. Viva brown tape!

  14. woooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    very gooooooooooooooooood
    you are realy artist.

  15. How cool is this, I’m only 12, and I can only dream of managing to complete one piece of artwork like this. When did you start doing this? I found this sight using stumble upon, trying to find some good backgrounds, I think I found quite a few!
    thankyou 🙂

  16. It’s an incredibly creative use of a common household object to make a wonderful work of art. That is so great, I wish I could do something like it!

  17. Its beautiful.The old masters often used to do whole paintings in brown then put the colour in afterwards. I wonder what other brown stuff i could use to make pictures- apart from the obvious.

  18. i absolutely hate using packaging tape in general as it is hard and awkward to use, but this artwork has given me a whole new perspective and appreciation to this “horrible stuff”. – bravo on your most amazing art pieces !

  19. Saw you in Phila @ that gallery in the apartment building… the chairs and curio above… was thoroughly impressed… but the portraiture? Shit man… pure modern genius!

    Thank you!

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  23. I totally like Mark’s artworks…they look stunning. Some compare his work with the tape art of Max Zorn, but I prefer Mark’s style!
    There is another great tape art crew from Berlin called TAPE OVER https://www.facebook.com/TAPEOVER
    They are doing inspiring tape art using duct tape. They even do tape styling on people…

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