Naomi Yotsumoto: Ponging in Style!

Naomi Yotsumoto stylish ping pong player

Naomi Yotsumoto is a professional Japanese table tennis player that styles in a variety of colorful, whimsical, and self designed outfits during her matches. Disruption is good! She’s received a great deal of media attention much like Kournikova, Venus Williams, or Andre Agassi! What a trend setter!

Rock on! Who says ya can’t be stylish in a kick-butt geeky sport! (I like ping-pong)

A video of her blasting away at doubles after the jump! and a few others.

via Imprinttalk

4 Responses to “Naomi Yotsumoto: Ponging in Style!”

  1. Fabi Says:

    all utube links not working anymore bu huhuhu!

  2. Fabi Says:

    oh now the work… ok =/

  3. kaushik Says:

    hello Naomi Yotsumoto,
    u look pretty in this TT outfits …bring revolution in international TT .

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