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  1. ooo bad plan.
    I’m waiting for the kid who thinks this is a cool idea, and then as he lights it, he realizes it’s hot and then drops it instinctively and it happens to land on the rug in his room, because he wasn’t smart enough to go outside, right into the spot where the extra fluid dripped over.
    Really the lighter fluid has such a low flash point it’s easy to ignite and can be left near the skin longer since it burns cooler, but it can also drip, be absorbed, and catch easier.
    Also if someone is stupid enough to accidentally use a shirt/fabric with plastic in it (ie polyester) then that can melt and bead to the skin, which really doesn’t come off easelly, or at all.

    If you’re going to play with fire balls don’t do this method.

    If you happen to have snow and a butane can accessible you can make fire snow balls. That are much safer, and by default, an outdoor activity.
    The temperature in which butane changes state into a liquid, is very near the temp in which water turns into a solid (ice). So you can pack a snowball, fill it with butane, then set it on fire. The part you have to be careful about is that you can give yourself a chemical burn dealing with butane when it changes. I use a potholder to hold the can and pliers to depress the nozzle. You will notice when the butane goes in the snowball will look like it’s getting a wet spot. You can then light that spot and hold the bottom of the snowball.
    It’s much better. Just don’t throw it at anyone wearing gauzy or non natural fibers.

    p.s. I’ve been a fire performer for 3 years.

  2. ammre, heya, thanks for the note…For sure, playing with fire is always dangerous.Thanks for the detailed info on fire, mateials, and your experience!

  3. I made a few of these last night, I’m still trying to work out the tricks to make it so it doesn’t burn. So far nothing near burns on my hands, though I do instinctively drop it when it gets warm so absolutely do this over concrete or some other non flammable surface. I’ve found that if you toss it back and forth between your hands it doesn’t contact your hands enough to get them hot, though obviously doesn’t look as cool as if I were just holding them. Will post again when/if I figure it out.

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