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Go karting racing at pole position vegas

Quote: “Pablo Picasso: Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up“.

Makes me think about creativity as well..so, stay young, take risks and chances, be curious…and of course watch the “must watch” lecture by Sir Ken Robinson on creativity!

– Neat: Engagement Ring.
– Funny: Gizmodo Pranks CES, funny and mean.
– Woa: A monstrous wooden mechanical creation.
– Space: Shigeru Bans very cool Shutter house project.
– Cool: Shadow Blocks.
– Weird: Tree that bears 11 fruits.
– Inspiring: The 61 yr old farmer that won the worlds toughest race!
– Video: Hilarious, Plunger Dart throwing.
– Video: Very cool spinning egg+cut trick!

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