Flying Human: Base jumping craziness!

I posted this insane base jumping video previously but now have some food for thought for it. In the video, the base jumper mentions how they first tried to get as far away from walls as much as possible, but overtime they got bored, so now they play around, getting as close as possible to walls and roads, nearly touching the cliffs as they fall.

My point is, that sometimes in design, doing a total 360 180 from the norm can turn out better. The grass is always greener on the other side… i.e: everyone uses white so use black, everyone makes it thin so make yours thick, everyone adds features and you subtract features, everyone makes them organic looking so make yours industrial, etc. Happy disrupting!

6 Responses to “Flying Human: Base jumping craziness!”

  1. Dougie FRESH Says:

    That’s so awesome – it seems completely UNREAL!
    And the music makes it even MORE epic!

  2. tango! Says:

    for sure fresh! Let’s do it when we hit vegas!

  3. Preg Says:

    That would actually be a 180, not a 360

  4. tango! Says:

    preg, ah, yeah, it would be a 180…thanks.. though i guess a 360 could mean a refresh.

  5. mirá! » Archivo » “Eso no es volar. Eso es caer con estilo” Says:

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  6. DesignVerb! – Para Glide Skiing Fun! Says:

    […] I’ve got a feeling it’s mighty chilly in the sky. As cool as this is, I still find the base jumping v2 to the walls video a bit more insane! I’ll put that video after the jump if you have not seen […]

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