Aarrow Advertising

Check this out. Some students get summer jobs holding up signs on street corners, they get bored, so they start competing against each other, flipping their signs like bartenders with bottles or pizza dough spinners. They start up their own advertising company, their acrobatic signage goes viral , and now they have a multi million dollar company with sign spinners across the country! via The Big Idea

Seriously, you can freshen up any dead business and make millions… very cool!
Watch the video above, their website, story, or other videos.

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  1. TOMAS Says:

    I was skeptical about how effective someone standing on a street corner with a sign could be, but this company knows how to do it right!

  2. TOMAS Says:

    Hey, that’s pretty cool! BTW, I actually saw one of the kids from Aarrow about a block away from my home today. Unfortunately, he didn’t bust out with any sweet moves when I drove by. 🙂

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