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It’s been a busy few weeks on my side… apologizes for the lack in postings, but keep sending me goodies. Besides my trips to NC, NYC, MI, RI, and ME this week, it should be back to normal by months end. Enjoy these links.

Insane Base Jumping video: Jumping closer is better.
Are you Left or Right Brained: A quick visual test. I saw both.
Cool convertible jacket to bag: seems ninja like. I want!
Aptera Hybrid Car on pre-order: Jetsons like Hybrid car.
Table Frisbee: The new underground home sport.
A Giant Pink Bunny Doll
iPod Cassette Tape hack: Making your ipod retro cool!
Blobbing: catapult your friends off a blob of air.
USB 3, finally!
– A “Simpson’s” Scene to Reference guide.

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  1. designverb - Flying Human: Base jumping craziness! Says:

    […] I posted this insane base jumping video previously but now have some food for thought for it. In the video, the base jumper mentions how they first tried to get as far away from walls as much as possible, but overtime they got bored, so now they play around, getting as close as possible to walls and roads, nearly touching the cliffs as they fall. […]

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