Weekend Links

Pixels games sketches

Note of week: “Mystery is more important than knowledge.” JJ Abrahms. This might apply to all shakes in life but sometimes it’s just better not to know, in life or in TV shows.

Smart Strips, Power strips that actually stop using power when appliances are turned off.
– A new Plug In hybrid designed by BMW and Aston-Martin Designers. Will this compete with the Tesla and Aptera?.
Houses with a view! Breathtaking!
Sketches for games. Very cool! via NotCot.
– A visual interface comparison over time: Google vs Yahoo.
FOUND magazine. A magazine made up if things found… usually odd notes. good stuff.
Device Charger Holder. A cute useful stand for your phone and plug.
Targets NYC Grand Central Holographic Fall Fashion Show (Nov 6,7)

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