Sharp Shooter

Perhaps I’m a HEROES fan, but if I were to experience what’s shown in this video (click on picture), I’d be be stuck standing still thinking, woa! Check out this video with this kid and his mad skillz, and decide if he’s a geek, super-hero, then back to geek again. ( notice he reaches for more money at the end as if he didn’t beat the high score, even though the 3 digit score box looped around after 999)

2 Responses to “Sharp Shooter”

  1. Ann Li Says:

    Wow this guy is sick! He must’ve spent a good part of his life training for that video.

  2. tango! Says:

    ann li,
    yeah, for sure, this guy is sick, but then again, i’ve seen some mad ppl play dance dance revolution blind folded or even breakdancing on the pads to play…. some gamers are just unnnnbeliveable at waht they do.

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