Uniqlo Mixplay!

uniqlo japan mixplay

WOW! Uniqlo Japan has a stunning video for their lineup of color parkas and a pretty sweet mixplay website to to browse through.

Watch their awesome mixplay video (have sound on)(gets really nice after 2:00) of 4 dancers bustin out some sweet robotica moves, mixed along with matrix-like slow motion moves, mashed up with great beats, locks, and freezes. Some may think the films been edited, but my guess is it’s real time and purely mad skillz! They held a live version during the holidays in one of their stores in Japan and someone made a remix of their original with a more upbeat tempo here.

I’ll post all 3 videos after the jump. (Have your sound on)

Original video (Have your sound on):

Christmas show (Have your sound on):

Mixplay remix (more up beat tempo) (Have your sound on):

4 Responses to “Uniqlo Mixplay!”

  1. Fubiz Says:

    Excellent !

  2. Tom Lazar Says:

    Sweet! Very understatement, me likey!

  3. tango! Says:

    I tried rocking out those freeze, slo mo moves at a club this past week..hehe, i wasnt s good, but it was fun!

  4. Aaron Says:

    same video, new sound… where’s the real new stuff from these boyz they’re awesome.

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