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  1. At the rate we are going we will be at $6.00 a gallon by 2010, sooner if we do not get our energy policy fixed. The Europeans get hammered with taxes (bless them) and it has not brought them lower prices or freedom from the price tag of oil dependency. Any liberal that thinks raising taxes on oil companies will bring us lower prices, cleaner air, economic growth and national security needs to read my book, “The Truth Behind High Fuel Prices. Any right wing Big Business person also needs to read my book because “Big Oil” is not a friend of the America consumer and Uncle Sam is putting their interests ahead of what is right for America. I have 7 solutions that will give America what it needs- lower prices, clean air, lower trade deficit, energy security, national security and make America world leaders when it comes to energy. Visit my website to learn more. Thanks for listening.

    Richard Clough

  2. Truth is in the bottom line for the state and federal government…
    10cents at the pump is almost 3 million state and federal dollars-why force a drop in the income stream?

  3. The solution to the gas price problem is right at our fingertips. The average American moves every 5 years. When you do move, move closer to where you work by 50%. In the next 5 years, if everyone follows through, our collective gas useage will plummet, even if we still drive our gas hogs.

  4. Joe is right, we put a plan into action to move as close to work as possible. Over the last 10 years we have gone from an hour and a half commute to 10 minutes. I still have my large car but my gas use is minimal.

  5. dollar is a bit devaluated, since most of international money transactions are made in euro, so the firmas goes on in irak must sell oil more expensive to pay the bill…….

  6. i´ts pretty out of date, that it is
    Here in Santiago Chile, premium Fuel (97 octanes) costs
    1.29 dollars per litre, if a gallon has 5 litres? it´s about 6.48 dollars per gallon, and it´s not premium, 95 octane it´s about 1.23 dollars per litre. Worst of all it´s that 50% of it are TAXES!. You should be celebrating in te USA. I´ll have a beer for you, cheers

  7. Hi, a coworker sent me a link to the image on this post (I guess it’s linked on Johnnyjet.com), but then I decided to checkout the rest of site. I’m so glad I did because I really enjoyed all your other posts!!

    great job on the blog!

  8. I just don’t get it !!!
    If you as so concerned about the price of gasoline, why don’t you buy a car with better mileage ??? Seems to me that American is willing to spend billions on wars all over the place to keep the oil prices down, but you don’t (as a population at least) seem to care about the simple solution: Spend less gasoline/oil … In fact it’s the opposite: your SUV’s are using more and more gas

    I live in Denmark, which is probably the most heavily taxed country on the planet. I pay a little more than 60% income tax and there’s a 25% VAT on everything I buy (milk, food, labor, electronics, and so on (except cars which are taxes about 180% !!!)

    Weird thing is, I rarely hear anyone complain about the oil price here in Denmark. Most people don’t even complain about the taxes either …

    Don’t you see: It’s no use looking at how much you have to pay, but rather what you get. I pay a lot in taxes, but this money is not disappearing into thin air (well, at least not all of it 🙂 It’s being used to pay for a lot of the common good, which I can then use for free: Schools and universities are free (and our students even get paid to attend university), health-care is free, and so on …

    … and the little money I have left after paying taxes ??? Well,I guess it’s not so different from what you have left after paying taxes, insurance, school and all the other stuff that I get as part of my taxes 🙂

    So please … don’t waste time comparing stuff that can’t be compared. It’s not that simple … nothing is 🙂

    Relax and enjoy life … and when you find something worth changing, work on changing it … don’t bitch and wine like a baby …

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