musicovery allows you to create a play-list of songs based on the mood that your seeking by filtering music by genres and time, then selecting a mood within each category; dark, energique, positif, or calme. It’s somewhat like a streaming radio station that you have a bit off control over, but you can’t save, bookmark, or copy any names quickly. Otherwise, the visaul layout is compelling enough to play with for a bit and personally I grooved to the “Calm Funk” with a bit of “positif” stream that I am now listening to.

Other music aiding services I’ve looked into are: Yahoos LaunchCast (I use this, my station),, and
(thanks Danny)

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  1. Elliot Says:

    You realize that you can click on the British flag to get the english version, right?

  2. tango! Says:

    heya, yup, i knew about the english version..but i kinda like the emotion that comes out in the french words which do the emotions justice… 🙂

  3. Olof Says:

    I think is the best one out there still. It has the function “I’d like to hear music which sounds like *artist*”.

    Kindly / Olof.

  4. tango! Says:


    thanks for the link to I’ll check it out.

    If any of ya’ll have a radio station of your fav songs, please send me your URL so I can check out some new tunes by readers!!

  5. jun calamba Says:

    thanks for reinstating this program.

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