Did ya ever want to get tossed and thrown around at 5 g’s by a large robotic arm? Well, here’s your chance. Robocoaster uses the same mechanical arms that build cars, but in this case, to throw you around in loops and sick turns like a roller coaster gone krazy. Watch the videos!robocoaster

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  1. designverb Says:

    […] I’m not sure what this is, but are we really sending things like this up there? No wonder we never find anyone…I’d run away if I saw this thing coming towards me. This was pretty cool. At first I though it was just a LP changer, but the 2 robots actually scratch! It’s kinda strange but also cool. The machines are from the same makers of the Robocoaster! A robotic bar tender….I guess all bars will be vending machines soon…well, with faces to greet us from some dude on a webcam. […]

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