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London rocks!!! I was only there for a few days, but it’s very comparable to NYC besides the fact that much like the rest of the UK, everything closes down early. If you ignore the fact that everything here is twice the price than in the states, it’s an eclectic array of shopping, art, events, food, culture, and people. The vibe is jazzy and people here were very kind, though most of the people were tourists. I keep saying “kind” when I speak about the UK and I’ll admit, it’s their darn proper accents. Even people yelling at each other seemed pleasant. I’ll assume my mid-west american accent sounded harsh.

For my journey, I printed out maps from, which included hotspots for food, art, shops, and more. I also printed out a map from StreetSensation giving me insights to the street shops and markets. Only complaints, beside my Heathrow Experience, would be trains on the Tube broke down too often, phone calls from payphones cost wayyy too much (especially to mobile phones, 1 pound($1.80) bought me about 2 minutes time), London is very expensive to live in, and places close down early.

I’ll admit, I loved it there and am tempted to find a job there now. A few things I’ve learned about the culture over there:
– Everyone goes to pubs after work.
– Food= many drinks, hence people can drink a ton!
– People are very stylish.
– The art scene is vast.
– It rains when the sun is out!
Lots of pics after the jump…

london tate museum

Tate Museum visit. This museum is massive. Lots to see on 5 floors. Best part, it’s free, except for the traveling exhibits. Donations accepted.

danny brown projected furnituredanny brown projected dishes

Two pieces by artist Danny Brown. He projects video patterns onto bedsheets and plates pondering the question of “projections as furniture”.
tate museum
I forget the name of this piece but it was something about “Play” and “Security”. Dozens of kids had fun running around and throwing pillows everywere, but I’d wonder about how many of them ran directly into the metal bars before bleeding mindlessly in front of the hundreds of museum watchers.
london millenium bridge

The Millenium bridge. It was a bit smaller than I expected, but none the less nice to walk across on.

playstation chair

The playstation Chair. I’ll assume it was meant to be used in conjuntion with the PSP. It was super comfy and I’d get one in a heartbeat though it had an odd look if you know what I mean.
cool bridge london

A cool walkway bridge bewtween two building in Soho.

subway art london

A great colorful wall mural spanning across the entire station in the Glouster Road Tube stop.

london patios

Some cool apartment patios with what seems like chimneys or vents under each one. I’m not sure what they are, but it caught my attention. Near the Design Museum, which did not impress me too much.
london car

Another Cool car roaming abouts London.

street print london

“Look right, Look Left”. This was printed on literally every single street walk in London. Even though these were printed in large letters, I still managed to look the wrong way everytime and almost got hit by a few buzzing mini’s.
london street. wiggly lines

I’m not sure what the deal is with the wavy lines, but it was everywhere. I actually like them.
london food. asian delight

A rather yummy asian fusion restaurant in Bloomsbury. I forget the name, but it’s near the Goodge Street Stop 1 block north.
marks and spencers london

Marks and Spencers food stores rocked!! This was a small one in a subway, but the larger ones were amazing. It made Wholefoods in America look plain. Super clean, fresh, lively, and great packaging for everything. I’d shop here anyday.

fish and chips london

Fish and Chips. I’m in the UK, I had to try it.

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  1. Hanno Says:

    if you really want to live here, forget about grocery shopping at m&s every day.. unless you have a LOT of money 😉

  2. tango! Says:

    hehe, i like good food. Otherwisee, everything else seemed a bit overpriced for me as well. one day…one day…

  3. designverb Says:

    […] I recently mentioned how my trip to London seemed very “kind” because of their proper English accent which also raised the question of what is an American accent sounds like? Well, Rocketbooms new host Joanne Colan does just this in this past episode in learning the American accent. […]

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