UK Trip: London Shopping

dpmhi belts london

London had tons to offer during my visit and as a designer a hunt down of the shops was a must. I didn’t take pictures of everything, but I’ll post a few things that caught my attention. Thanks to I had a quick map to guide me abouts the Soho and Covent Gardens area. Otherwise, a mindless trek abouts town seemed to do the trick for finding hotspots. Above is a sick set of belts prints found in the dpmhi  store (maharishi store) More pics and finds after the jump…

london shops belts

Cool set of retro colorful belt prints at a store called Octopus in Soho. Seemed very much like Pylones

.spitafield scarf london

A very delicate knit patterns found at the Spitafields market.

dpmhi sandals london

Some great sandal prints at the dpmhi store in Soho.

retro light table london

A cool and somewhat retro light table with the london tube map at OneDeko.

urban gnomes london

Some cool ceramic Urban Gnomes found at OneDecko near the Spitafields market.

maharishi store london

The back room at the ultra cool and expensive Maharishi store. I finally had the chance to check out the sweet pants that I posted about earlier, but their price tags were up there!! Otherwise, I’d buy everything in there if I could.

maharishi dpmhi store london

The other Maharishi store aka DPMHI. It had tons of clothing, vinyls, prints, art pieces, toys, accessories, and random other goods that plain rocked!
ted baker london

Ted Baker store! Very nice set of cloths for the dressy with a bit of edge and jazz. Lots of nice prints, though the price was insane again.
london muji

The ultra cool and simple MUJI store, which seemed to appear every other block while walking abouts London. I managed to find some great shirts on sale here. I wish we had more of these stores in the USA.
london size?

“Size?” (name of store)- A very hip and modern store filled with sneakers and kicks from every directions. Wide selection of clothing and kicks with a great vibe. I ran into two of these stores in London.
yojapan london

YoJapan! This was probably one of my favorite stores found in the little streets(marshall) next to the famous Carnaby street shops. I got some great deals on cloths since everything was on sale. I heard the store was closing down because of the high prices. Hopefully they return as it was a sweet find!
carnaby street london

The famous Carnaby street shop.
london shops marshall street

I think this is Marshall street, right next to Carnaby street, which is where YoJapan was. It had tons of other small shops that made this street very unique and different than the many chain stores surrounding it. I loved it here.

spitafields dance

Spitafield market: a band and many folks dancing away under the glass rooftop. Very classy!

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