Siggraph: Day 3

krakow electronic weaving

This was my last exhausting day walking around Siggraph2006.

Pictured above is a textile piece by Joanna Berzowska.

“The KraKow weaving is an electronic, color-changing Jacquard weaving that integrates conductive yarns, thermochromatic inks, and custom control electronics. The weaving illustrates a scene from Joannas childhood in Poland. Over time, the ink overprinted on the figures in the weaving changes color from black to transparent. Like our memories of them, the people in the textile disappear over time. As populations are displaced, the traces of their presence in place and time are similarly erased.

More pics and projects after the jump.

haptic moving touch screen

Embossed Touch Display: This was a pretty cool project taking on a different direction for haptics. The display screen had a moving clear layer on top that moved around based on the direction of your hand. A laser on the side tracked your movement and made sure the texture breaks on the moving portion matched up with the moving image. It’s rather experimental, but once you tried it, it made sense. I’m not sure where this is going, but it was pretty cool!

digi wall, human pong

Do you need some exercise? How does a quick game of rockclimbing pong sound?! There were a bunch of other applications and games on Digiwall, but I must admit, the human pong was the most amusing one to watch!
A video of the wall in action!

Invisible, the ghost chaser

INVISIBLE:The Shadow Chaser. This was a pretty cool project. You and a partner hop into a room with invisible ghosts to capture. In order to see them, your partners gotta wave a flashlight at them in order to see them. If ya see a wobbling ghost, ya point your ghost-buster like vacuum stick at them and suck them up. The more you capture, the heavier your backpack gets.(liquids added from another bag) Fun times my friends, fun times!

dance pose revolution

Are you a DDR addict (dance dance revolution)? If so, you’ll get a kick out of the shadow version of it. Instead of pads to step onto, you strike a pose.(madonna style) A camera picks up your pose and matches it to the given pose beats. If you are somewhat alike, you get a point, otherwise, your probably stumbling to figure out the crazy pose your just saw streaming across the projected screen. Images passed by rather quickly, but one you got use to the dozen or so poses, you got a rhythm going. fun fun fun. The top middle image is what the camera sees of you. The top right is the last pose. The bottom image(blurry) is the next beat pose.(its a person squatting)

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