This is Broken

this is broken: best buy exampleMy phone alarm sounded off this morning and as usual it turned itself off after 30 seconds, while the outside screen still flashed “alarm”. Now I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’d usually just sleep through this or being the sleepyhead that I am, I’d probably just smile in my sleep knowing that the buggy noise would turn off within a few seconds which has happened. Now, I’m not sure who decided to have the sound turn off automatically before I even touched the phone, but from my perspective, this is broken, which also reminds me of a wonderful website, THIS IS

This is Broken is a website run my Mark Hurst at Good Experience which also runs the awesome GEL Conference (Good Experience Live) which I have attended for the last few years. Everyone should subscribe to their newsletter and blog as well here.

One such submission I made to THIS IS BROKEN is pictured above. In short, I went to best buy to buy paper, the only paper was behind this metal column, and I had a hectic time crawling behind the tower to this stack of paper. Read the post and comments about it here.

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