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missing dentyne ice gumI grabbed a pack of gum while waiting in line at Target the other day. I threw it in my bag and thought nothing of it until needed. While picking up a friend for dinner, I whipped out the 12 pack of gum for a quick zest of fresh breath. As I slid the foiled goodness out of the packaging my eyes glazed in confusion and utter surprise; there was no gum in 8 of the 12 foiled slots! I’ve been robbed, ripped off, denied! Did someone pop the gum out and slide the package back in the shelf? In further investigation, the sealed foil was untampered. This was a factory malfunction, a really bad quality control computer or person, or something gone wrong!
Anyhow, I thought I’d just share this little experience with ya’ll. I’ll write Dentyne and see if they’ll send me a years worth of chewies in exchange for this foiled flawed experience. That will make me happy again. This reminds me of some other such food experiences I’ve had, like, the soda with no air in the can, small bag of chips with just 3 chips, an orange mentos in a roll of white mints, a baked in raisin in a 6 pack of muffins, an immensely large M&M in a small pack(was like 9 of them mashed together into one orange stamped one), a ball of sugar in a box of cereal (size of a pinball), a bolt in a box of brownie powder, and now this pack of missing gum. Click on the image for closer look.

Update: Dentyne sent me a pack of gum, not the same one I bought, and 2 mints.  I was expecting a box of gum or something, but I guess they are cheap in customer service.

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  1. Amanda Says:

    How cheap of them! In high school, a friend got a Dr.Pepper from a vending machine that was only 1/3 full unopened! The company sent a coupon for a whole case of pop!

    And by the way, there’s 8 pieces missing from your pack.

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