LEGO Angry Birds created by Chiukeung

Awesome… thats all I have to say about these Lego creations Angry Bird style. I can even hear the theme song ringing in my ears now… If only Lego had the rights to sell sets of these…they would sell millions.
Lots of pics after the jump. All of the pics on the facebook album via Tsang Yiu Keung (aka Chiukeung).

5 Responses to “LEGO Angry Birds created by Chiukeung”

  1. eddric Says:

    I think they would make more money if the pigs actually exploded into all the lego pieces on contact

  2. Ben. F Says:

    The boomerang bird is better as a lego then a fighter. Hate that bird.

  3. Kay Says:

    Where can you buy them in Hong Kong?

  4. tango! Says:

    my guess is that it is not for sale since the person from HK just made these, but I’m sure they could sell a few given some time to make the millions that would want this set!

  5. angry bird 1222 Says:

    will u tell me how to do the little red bird

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