PopTech 2009: America Reimagined

Intro to PopTech from PopTech on Vimeo.

I’m off to Poptech 2009: America Reimagined for the rest of the week. Follow their PopTech hub for live updates and I’m hoping like in previous years the live broadcast of all the speakers. It’ll be a chilly one this year, but I’ll be back with some updates, posts, and goodies like before.

update: Ah, yes, they are streaming it as usual here.

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  1. Herb Kim Says:


    Nice to see you again in Maine. Thought it was another excellent year for Poptech. Will you be in Long Beach in Feb?

    Either way, hope this finds you well.


  2. tango! Says:

    yup, maine was fun, though we still didnt really get to catch up. I’ll have to check out your conference the next time it’s on. LB, nope, just PS… but also going to EG right before.

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