Dupont MySurface App iPod Touch Giveaway

Dupont sent designverb an iPod Touch to test out their new MySurface app which has a catalog of  Corian and Zodiaq materials.   It’s a pretty simple app with a library of images to flip through and a gallery of environments. Though I personally find materials like Corian and Zodiaq very tangible, a quick glance at colors and texture visually with this app can be quick filter in selections before grabbing real samples to feel their weight, temperature, light refraction, and vibe.

And yup, I’m giving away a brand new iPod Touch (thanks dupont) to a reader that sends me the best improvement  for this app or any other general cool design must have app that does not exist. Send ideas to designverb (at) . I’ll pick a winner in a few weeks.

I’ve got a few suggestions for this particular app:
1. For iPhone users, let them use the camera, and augment the materials in their real space.
2. Let the materials be custom adjustable to augment onto their cameras view like a table.
3. A details page about the material like hardness, texture, cost, colors, uses, weather, etc.
4. Options in sorting, not just by color, but by hardness, texture, weight, grain, cost, etc.
5. Have a gallery of images for each material, not just a separate gallery.
6.  I know Corian has some translucency . Maybe show what the material looks like when thin and back lighted.
7. Add an adjustable bar to have light go across the material. See how it reflects, moves, changes.
8. Maybe add some filter options… dark, marble like, textured…search.

A few pics of the app after the jump of the app.

Pick a material an scroll through them by color.

Click on one for a larger view, zoom in for details, though the pics are not super high res.
They had another gallery of images, but not based on th material you picked.

DuPont mySurface ApplicationDu

4 Responses to “Dupont MySurface App iPod Touch Giveaway”

  1. DougZ Says:

    What’s an iTouch? An iPod Touch, maybe?

  2. tango! Says:

    D, ha, yeah, of course I meant iPod Touch… I just shorten things hen people know what i mean.

  3. Don Nordmeyer Says:

    Lot of great ideas. Will definitely take them into consideration as we develop the next generations of the app. Can’t wait to see what the readers have to say. Thanks for the feedback,

    Don Nordmeyer
    e-Marketing Manager
    DuPont Surfaces

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