Philippe Starck: Design For Life TV series
Philippe Starck has a reality show about design called Design For Life on the BBC… but not just design, but more importantly design thinking, observation, understanding, and how design is almost more about everything outside of what most think of design.

If your in the UK, let me know how the show is. If your not in the UK, you can catch a glance of the first hour long episode on Vimeo here or above.

Thus far, I’ve enjoyed the first episode and think it’ll be a great insight into what design really is… not just aesthetics or making cool objects, but understanding a story as a whole, a process, an eco-system and a rather complex element that is widely ignored.

3 Responses to “Philippe Starck: Design For Life TV series”

  1. Lizzie Says:

    I found this programme incredibly interesting in the way in which the design students don’t seem to be able to grasp the project or do the work. This shows a serious lack in todays education system.

    As a recent fashion design graduate I picked the university I went to because of its teaching style, which is incredibly similar to the way Stark teaches them. It has made me a better designer because of it and I can deal and develop within real life working situations. Reacting quickly because you have no other option.

    Where did these kids come from they all seem to have good basic ideas but they have no idea how the practicalities of a lot of their products will work as well as just complaining about the work rather than doing the work.

  2. steph Says:

    Like Lizzie & Starck, I was underwhelmed by the students, but I also feel that the program is essentially flawed when you lump a bunch of anglo students together & dump them in a French city. Naturally they develop a sense of camaraderie It’s meant to be a competition & a student is speaking out to save another student from elimination!?!??

    Starck is so funny to watch though. You should know, being a TEDster! 🙂

  3. Carmen Lam Says:

    Hi Wanna check the name of the song/music which is played at the end of each episode, as it is fabulous!

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