Duplex Bag

Student Designer Noémie Cotton brings to us a very simple double sided bag used to both contain  and trash something, such as whole peanuts.  I’m craving to find olives-to-go after seeing this,  same goes for Wings, or other likes.  If I had this bag when I was younger, I’d be eating just the peanuts minus shells. I’ve grown up learning to  eat the whole peanut with shell making life a bit easier.

via bookofjoe

3 Responses to “Duplex Bag”

  1. SuperSweetSilver Says:

    That is an excellent idea. We always have to search for a container for sunflower seeds, cashew, and peanuts. Genius!

  2. Jenna Says:

    They have had these bags in Europe for a while now. Street vendors use them for selling roasted nuts!

  3. Mohd Hisham Says:

    @Jenna, I don’t think anyone is disputing that the bags existed. Those are paper bags. The duplex bag is made of peanut shells!

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