VerTerra: Dinnerware from Fallen Leaves

I was introduced to VerTerra’s intriguing dinnerware products during this years GEL conference. At first sight these unique plates seemed like raw sheets of veneer pressed into structural shapes, but then the founder gave a quick overview of the project. Simply put:

Our environmentally-friendly plates, bowls and serving dishes are made only from two products: fallen leaves and water. They’re non-toxic, biodegradable, compostable, durable, lightweight, convenient and downright stylish.

I love it! Collect fallen leaves, steam press them to shape,  then deliver it. The plates will run you about a dollar for a pair, but once they get into Wholefoods later this month, I’m hoping Verterra will be affordable enough to be a abundant in everyday gatherings.

I wished I grabbed a few samples when I had the chance, but I’ll just have to wait for the next gathering to get some…unles someone from Verterra can send me some for my next party 😉
If your seeking an alternative, check out Wasura paper plates, which will cost you a bit more, but just as cool looking.

Some pictures from VerTerra’s website after the jump.

3 Responses to “VerTerra: Dinnerware from Fallen Leaves”

  1. Christina Rodriguez Says:

    You find the prettiest things, Tango!

  2. susie Says:

    hey there! i stumbled upon this blog today and wanted to say hi – i think i remember you from RISD days. anyway, the blog is awesome – keep up the great work. -susie

  3. tango! Says:

    hi susie… i remember your name, but i knew 2-3 other susies too… i forget which one ya are..

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