Wasara Paper Tableware

Wasara Paper Tableware
Oooooooooo, my gosh, Wasara makes some unbelievably beautiful paper tableware pieces with a very keen sense in Japanese aesthetics. I especially love the slight curves in the plates to fit around your hand. I’m not sure if I’d ever want to throw these plates away but they are eco-friendly in manufacturing and in material.

If your seeking something more sturdy you can always buy the beautiful plastic “Tast.es” object though there is a beauty about 1 time use paper plates.

via notcot
1 more picture after the jump of each piece.

wasara paper tabelware plates

3 Responses to “Wasara Paper Tableware”

  1. Felicia Says:

    Can I get it in Singapore? If yes, please advise the contact.

  2. Yardley Kyling Says:

    Where can I get price and catalogue?

  3. iax Says:

    you can find their online shop on their website: http://www.wasara.jp – You can make an online order.
    From what i saw, they ship worldwide.

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