Bruno Taylor’s Playful Spaces

Bruno Taylor's Playful Spaces

This made me smile!
Grow up,but stay a kid 😉

“71% of adults used to play on the streets when they were young. 21% of children do so now. Are we designing children and play out of the public realm?

This project is a study into different ways of bringing play back into public space. It focuses on ways of incorporating incidental play in the public realm by not so much as having separate play equipment that dictates the users but by using existing furniture and architectural elements that indicate playful behaviour for all.

It asks us to question the current framework for public space and whether it is sufficient while also giving permission for young people to play in public.

Play as you go…” Bruno Taylor.”

via Woostercollective

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  1. Tealady Says:

    Wow, that’s a wonderful idea. I remember riding my bicycle everywhere as a child. You do not see that any more.
    I walk everyday and in a town where most drive I sometimes think it is only going to be a matter of time before our local council commandeers the footpaths (given they are so rarely used) in order to assist the congestion of more cars on the road.
    Less road rage and more incidental fun.

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