I’ve been playing around with for a few days and must admit, it’s a visual pleasure to tinker with. There’s zoomii, Searchme, redzee, oskope, and a handful of other sites that intensify the visual sensors, but Viewzi definitely takes the cake in delivering high quality design within their interface and brand.

I could talk about them for some time, so I’ll just point my finger to their site, tell you to type in something like “food” then press enter and move your mouse around everywhere. Also check out their story through and their corporate site which isn’t at all corporate.

Speaking of pictures, here are two other interesting sites rethinking full screen picture viewing. Blowup and PictoBrowser.

A few screen shots of their site after the jump

Browse albums. zoom in and out.
viewzi mp3
Then browse their MP3 page, listen to music from other sites.
viewzi photos clouds
Take a fling in their 3d cloud of photos…a bit odd, but you’ll get use to it…move the cursor around slowly and zoom in and out.

viewzi photos
Navigate their images, click, zoom, click out, zoom.
Go shopping…get suggestions…zoom in and out of places..

viewzi videos

Zip around in their trio of videos bars.

Overall, I dig the design of the site …I’m not sure how efficient the visual search is, but at least i had fun trying it out this time around. Viewzi is a definite one to lookout for…and I like their not about hiring more designers than codes to be sweet! haha, designers rule!

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