Brand Addict: Failing with Success

Twitter fail whale
oooo sooo very true! Brands that create amazzzing products still survive even when their broken. I love twitter, hate it when it’s down, but still use them!

“Possibly the most wonderful thing in the world that a brand can achieve is love so strong that users worship your failures.

Twitter has been a victim of its own success. So many new users, so much volume that the application crashes regularly. Sometimes hourly. From the getgo, they’ve managed to brand their “failure screens” in true twitteresque flavor. When Twitter is down beyond repair, users get the screen that is now lovingly referred to as the “fail whale.”

Here’s the thing. Despite the failures, Twitter fans remain users. And they joke about the down time, the failed tweets and the fail whale. Someone’s even produced a line of Fail Whale merchandise.

Can your brand generate that kind of love? Can you fail consistently, over and over and STILL keep your customers fans? Not many brands can. And that’s a wonderful testament to the power of Twitter. Tweet. Tweet.”

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2 Responses to “Brand Addict: Failing with Success”

  1. mc Says:

    help! i don’t understand why you or anyone else loves twitter. say more please!

  2. tango! Says:

    haha, you…your from sf too so you should knowmore than I why it’s so loved!
    For me, just an easier way to let peeps know whats going on faster and easier.

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